Sulphated Pineapple Products

We, at Katyayani Canning Industry manufacture and export best quality sulphated pineapple pulp or puree produced from farm fresh pineapples from the fertile land of South India. Our sulphated pineapple puree or pulp is manufactured under hygienic environment using properly inspected fresh pineapples.

Our Sulphated Pineapple Puree/ Pulp can be incorporated in making juices, jams, jellies and squashes etc.

Specification for Sulphated Pineapple Pulp/ Puree
Product name Sulphated Pineapple Pulp/ Puree
8 to 12°
0.6 (mg / 100 g: 0.4) as Citric Acid
3.4 to 3.8
SO2 Content 900-1200 ppm
Color Light Yellow/ Yellow
Taste Typical Pineapple
Consistency Homogenous in Nature
Packaging details 50 Kg Carboys
Shelf Life 12 months


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